Designation: Pharmacy Consultant

Shalini has worked within the Healthcare Sector for over 21 years. With over 13 years in the NHS and 8 years in the Independent Sector, she has extensive experience in Medicines Optimisation and Pharmacy Governance.

Shalini started off her career at Medway NHS Foundation Trust before joining King’s College Hospital in 2006 to specialise as a Surgical Pharmacist, where she expanded her knowledge to specialise in Pain Management. In 2016 she moved to the Independent Health Sector, where she successfully commissioned Pharmacy Services for two private hospitals. As Chief Pharmacist of a Private Hospital Group, Shalini has given strategic leadership and management to the Pharmacy teams across the Group, to ensure a safe, patient-centred service is delivered.

Shalini now provides Pharmacy Consultancy Services to the Independent Sector delivering recommendations to private healthcare clients in areas such as Medicines regulatory compliance, legislation, Medication Safety, Medicines Management, Controlled Drugs, Patient Group Directions, Policy, and Audit.

Shalini is also Co-Chair of the Independent Healthcare Provider Network (IHPN) Pharmacy and Medication Safety Forum. This group considers relevant regulations, standards and patient safety issues across the independent healthcare sector in relation to both NHS and privately funded care.