BHRT (Hormone Therapy)

Bio-identical Hormones

Men and women need a balanced endocrine system as hormones regulate our bodily functions. Throughout different stages in our lives our bodies change. As we age our hormones (oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone) decline, which impact our behaviour and our functioning.

BHRT is a process of re balancing the naturally occurring hormones which have depleted due to age.

Dr Caitlin Scott at the Menopause Clinic – Levitas Clinic Guildford

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Dr Caitlin Scott is a qualified GP from Cape Town, South Africa. After graduating from The University of Cape Town she gained over four year’s experience in hospital and private general practice. This is where her passion for women’s health developed.

BHRT (Hormone Therapy) Guildford Dentist

Hormones & Bio-identical

Bio-identical Hormones are plant-derived hormones that are identical in chemical structure to those found in the human body. The hormones are prescribed and produced based on each individual requirement. They are prepared in a compounding pharmacy.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can provide relief from a wide range of symptoms associated with:

  • Menopause
  • Andropause (male menopause)
  • Other hormone-related conditions
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Thyroid dysfunction

Hormones for Women

As a woman moves through each phase of menopause, hormone levels can fluctuate significantly. However, these vital hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone remain important for bones, vaginal and urethral health, skin, brain function and cardiovascular health. It is therefore important to effectively balance and replenish these hormones in order to maintain a woman’s health, energy, mood and brain function.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help with:

  • Perimenopause
  • Menopause
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Depression
  • Postnatal depression
  • Thyroid dysfunction

Hormones for Men

Lost your get up and go? It could be the result of male menopause.

Many people assume menopause is just a woman’s condition. However, it is not the case as men also suffer from menopause and the effects of changing hormones. Many men experience some of the same symptoms that women experience in perimenopause (meaning around menopause) and menopause, including low sex drive, hot flashes, depression, irritability, mood swings, increased body fat and decreased energy.

Male menopause, also known as andropause, is the result of a gradual decrease in testosterone. Testosterone is an androgen. Male menopause is not the same type of menopause that women go through. For this reason, doctors usually refer to “male menopause” as low testosterone, testosterone deficiency or androgen decline in the aging male.

Male menopause, or andropause, differs from female menopause, which occurs when the production of female hormones drops suddenly. Andropause is a gradual decline in hormone levels. The ovaries run out of the substance it needs to make testosterone. This does not happen with the testicles.

Testosterone levels in men gradually decline throughout the course of adulthood. This happens about 1 percent a year after the age of 30 on average. The loss of testosterone is rarely noticeable in men younger than 60. And by the time men reach their 80s, about half have low testosterone.

As testosterone and andropause levels decrease men will feel a difference in the points below:

  • Decreased erection frequency and firmness
  • Low libido
  • Depressed mood
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Trouble gaining muscle with exercise
  • Decreased exercise performance
  • Fatigue

Bio-Identical Hormones Prices

Members receive a 10% discount on the service.

Treatment Schedule

You will have an initial appointment to review any recent diagnostic tests you may have had or ensure they are carried out prior to the procedure to ensure this is the correct treatment for you.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation the doctor will take a full comprehensive history to understand the present concerns.

The doctor may take bloods or arrange sputum tests. (There will be additional charges for these tests).


Follow up Consultation (after return of tests) between 1 week and 1 month

During this consultation the blood / sputum results are discussed and a plan of prescription mediation is devised specifically for you.

3 month follow up

This is to discuss how the medication is working and arrange further prescriptions.

From then 6 monthly follow ups

Medication reviews, medical check up and examination where needed.
BHRT (Hormone Therapy) Guildford Dentist

Adrenal Fatigue and Hormonal Imbalance

How do the adrenal glands help us cope with stress?

The adrenal glands sit on top of each kidney. They produce a variety of hormones including the fast acting stress hormones, adrenalin and noradrenalin, and the slower acting cortisol and DHEA. These hormones give us the energy we need to feel motivated, and deal with any stress. When we are put into a stressful position, the body releases the hormones to deal with the ‘’physical danger’’ (‘fight or flight’ response). Once the danger is over, the body should naturally go back to a relaxed state and the adrenal gland returns hormone levels back to normal. However our modern way of living can create continuous levels of stress, for extended periods of time. This in turn causes the adrenal glands to continually pump out those stress hormones. It is not just emotional stress that causes this but also diet deficiencies; pain, chronic inflammation, microbiome imbalance/digestive infections such as h pylori, parasites, SIBO, candida; lack of sleep; over training; auto immune. Eventually, the adrenals will become fatigued if they are continually stimulated. This is the exhaustion stage of stress where eventually the adrenals will produce abnormally low levels of the stress hormones (DHEA; Cortisol); we are then tired, anxious and exhausted.

How are your sex hormones connected to adrenal exhaustion?

One of the biggest hormone problems for women is low progesterone levels which is fairly common. Of course this hormone lowers naturally with menopause or perimenopause. However it can lower a little too much making you feel tired; anxious; low libido; stressed; unable to cope. Even young females maybe experiencing an unnatural fall in progesterone.

Progesterone is synthesized fairly early in the hormonal cascade, and its activity is highly influenced by the level of stress – either physical or emotional that a woman is experiencing. To explain this further, let’s talk about pregnenolone steal or progesterone steal. Pregnenolone is the primary “precursor” hormone. The primary decision the body makes with pregnenolone is whether it wants to makes sex hormones like progesterone or stress hormones like cortisol. If a woman is stressed, her body “steals” the pregnenolone and uses it for stress hormone production instead eg making more cortisol (especially if your levels of cortisol are dropping because the adrenals are becoming exhausted). However other hormones can be affected too in this turmoil, hence your Dr or therapist may find low hormonal levels across the board. But progesterone will be the one that is hardest hit. The body is basically ‘stealing’ this hormone to allow you to produce more cortisol in order to ‘cope’.

BHRT (Hormone Therapy) Guildford Dentist

Common symptoms of low cortisol (which may start the progesterone steal):

  • Symptoms associated with Blood sugar imbalances (hungry all the time, the need to snack, light-headed—jittery without food) or the use of drugs, such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol to ramp up energy and mood
  • Digestive problems
  • Poor immune system leading to frequent infections, and inflammatory symptoms
  • Hormonal problems such as PMS, low libido, fertility problems.
  • Mental and physical fatigue
  • Depression
  • Sleep problems and insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Low blood pressure

Symptoms of DHEA deficiency include:

  • Persisting fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hypersensitivity to noise
  • Loss of libido
  • Dry eyes
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Loss of head hair

Reversing adrenal burn out and aid your hormonal balance

Saliva testing to determine cortisol levels is the first step to assessing your adrenal health. Healing happens on a cellular level, and flooding the body with nutrients to nourish, support, and rebuild the mitochondria while addressing hormone balance is a comprehensive solution. Reception can give you an adrenal stress test kit and organise our Nutritional Therapy – Functional Medicine practitioner to give you a call regarding the next steps. She will organise to meet with you once she has the results, and develop a programme to help re balance your adrenal health working in conjunction with the programme you are following with the BHRT. The adrenals stress test is a saliva test, which can be carried out in the comfort of your home and returned direct to the laboratory by you.

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I could not recommend a clinic more highly than Levitas. ★★★★★ ★★★★★ I’ve been a member for over ten years and the service has been first class. I particularly like the fact that Dr Kapoor, who runs the clinic, keeps up to date with all the latest advancements in health and is extremely knowledgeable in all things men’s health. Being aged over 50 I realise the importance of regular check ups and blood tests to keep myself in check and it’s great having the ability to book appointments at anytime and being seen by a doctor who gives you the time to understand your health concerns and provide you with a health plan to maintain your short and long-term health. Top marks! ★★★★★ I found the clinic online after my despair of being ill for 3 weeks and my local GP insisted it was a viral thing and nothing they could do.The Dr at Levitas clinic examined me and told me I had a chest infestation which needed to be treated immediately.I felt relieved that I finally got a doctor to thoroughly examine me and listen to me.The service is not cheap. But when it comes to your health, it’s a cost I am willing to justify than suffer for weeks. ★★★★★ Such a wonderful clinic, I have lived with chronic pain and inflammation for many many years. Over 50 surgeries to correct my disability and endless dead end routes of pain relief through traditional practices.The work of the Levitas Clinic and all its physicians is changing my life in ways I could have never imagined. ★★★★★ Very happy with the service. Professional staff. ★★★★★ I have been a member of Levitas for many years. My experience has been most positive.Always a warm welcome and friendly professional attention from the doctors. I have never felt rushed during a consultation. I highly recommend this lovely medical practice. ★★★★★ Always excellent service, very attentive and caring doctors. Please send my regards and many thanks to Dr Scott and Dr Kapoor for taking care of my daughter. ★★★★★ Levitas Clinic is a very professional practice the doctors and office staff are friendly, attentive and helpful. I have been seeing Dr Scott and Dr Kapoor for a few years now and the care that I receive from them is outstanding. I could not recommend this practice enough.Thank you for treating me and my family with kindness and understanding when we come and see you. ★★★★★ Fantastic service, always able to offer appointments and a superb team. Thoroughly recommend. ★★★★★ I cannot praise the practice enough. Fantastic treatment, advice with great understanding and support ★★★★★ Excellent service. Professional and knowledgeable staff that made me feel very comfortable and addressed all my concerns. The premises are also incredible and parking was very easy. ★★★★★ Very good and efficient service by very friendly accommodating staff!Thanks Rose & Caitlin ★★★★★ I've been a member for a few years and also signed up other family members. The convenience of weekend and evening appointments is great. I also like the fact that they keep a stock of commonly prescribed medications... so you can often avoid a trip to the pharmacy. ★★★★★ I've been using Levitas Clinic for a few years now. I have always found them to be super responsive and knowledgeable with whatever challenge I throw at them.The entire team are always really polite and professional with all interactions. Especially Steph!I've since signed my wife and son up to their GP service which is super handy as you get a comprehensive top to bottom check once a year included.Whenever we have seen a doctor we are not allocated the usual 5 minutes you get from the NHS. We get as much time as we need to leave feeling happy and confident. Not once have we felt rushed.Keep up the good work team! ★★★★★ Absolutely fantastic medical care and treatment. The staff are so polite and friendly. The doctors are superbly qualified and provide an extremely high quality service without loading patients with an excess of medication . I am very grateful for their treatment. ★★★★★ Good doctors and reception staff. Nice surroundings. Very responsive. Would highly recommend ★★★★★ Top notch practice both dental and medical. First rate equipment. The people know my name. They care. I’ve never had someone who cared for me ever before. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. So grateful for this practice. My whole family now uses it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you ★★★★★ The staff were very friendly and professional all the way through from the point of booking and to attending my appointment. The doctor was very thorough and I would highly recommend the practice ★★★★★ My family joined the levitas clinic just over a year ago and I am so grateful we did. I can always get an appointment quickly (face to face or video) which is incredibly useful when you have young children. The team of GPs are fantastic - special mentions go to Dr Kapoor who has really helped me personally over the last few months. Also to Dr Scott who has been brilliant with our kids - we are so grateful. I highly recommend. ★★★★★ Fantastic clinic. I completed their NOMAD program a little while ago and was amazed at the results. I lost more weight than I ever managed to with other diets. Not only do I feel better in myself, I have actually managed to keep the weight off. The staff were all so friendly and caring. Would not hesitate to recommend! ★★★★★ The staff are so lovely and you really feel you are in safe hands. I owe our good health to the amazing Dr Kapoor and would highly recommend the services they offer. ★★★★★ Everyone was very lovely ★★★★★ Every time we visit, from the reception team to the Doctors, everyone is super friendly and professional. I've been a member of the surgery for 3 years now and so pleased l found them on recommendation of a friend. Easy yo get an appointment and open 7 days a week, what's not to like! ★★★★★ Everyone is welcoming and lovely. They make me feel comfortable and give me the treatment I need ★★★★★ Always very polite, friendly and efficient. A brilliant practice ★★★★★ I can't praise the clinic enough. Dr Kapoor is a wonderful doctor and has helped me so much. During the appointment Dr Kapoor gives his full care and attention and has helped me in so many ways. ★★★★★ It's always a lovely experience at Levitas Clinic, everyone is so friendly and Dr Scott is exceptional she treats me like a human being not just a slab of meat to be dealt with. I cannot praise the staff enough for all the care and attention they have given me in the past and the present ★★★★★ Was feeling unwell so popped in for some fluids. Manny was very comforting, professional and helpful. Will definitely return in the future! ★★★★★ An amazing surgery. Dedicated friendly staff and doctors. ★★★★★ Me and my wife have been members for a few years now. It makes such a difference to have some quality time with a GP in person, rather than feeling rushed or having to put up with a telephone-only appointment on the NHS. The premises are smart and clean and you can always get through on the phone. The Doctors and staff are great and the opening hours are brilliant: weekend and evening appointments are a life-saver for working people. They can also dispense medicines on site (handy if your own local pharmacy has closed down!). ★★★★★ I was feeling really run down and got my vitamin D injection which has given me a great boost. The doctor was super friendly and careful with me and I can’t recommend clinic enough ★★★★★ A truly amazing service! I have used Levitas for a number of years and they provide a professional but friendly service. Not expensive to join and always on tap. Thoroughly recommend. ★★★★★ Amazing service from the whole team. They went above and beyond to answer my questions and I felt very confident with the care I received. ★★★★★ The staff are welcoming and understanding. The doctors are confident in their diagnosis and make you feel at ease. Cannot recommend highly enough. ★★★★★ Having recently been sick with the seasonal Flu, Dr Kapoor provided fantastic care and attention during the Christmas Break and New Year.Thank you for everything - Highly recommended ★★★★★ Fantastic service as always! Great team here in Guildford. Dr Ash Kapoor is an absolutely fantastic Doctor, he has supported me through very difficult times with my health. The clinic provides a number of different services including GP service, BHRT, vitamin infusions etc. Thank you to a wonderful team! Mrs Kaur ★★★★★ Excellent. Professional and very thorough. Highly recommend! ★★★★★ What a wonderful clinic! The staff are amazing and so attentive, and the services provided are great. Currently being treated there and enjoying the experience. ★★★★★ Amazing doctors who are so kind, great with patient care. They take the time to understand each person and there is a great continuity of care which I have not found in any other practice. They go the extra mile for everyone in their care. ★★★★★ A truly refreshing experience, from a team of professionals that go the extra mile.The care and facilities are the best I have experienced, I truly would recommend the Levitas Clinic to anyone looking for the ultimate in medical care. ★★★★★ Levitas Clinic both diagnosed and successfully treated me for Chronic Lyme disease last year, giving me not only an answer to my health problems of over thirty years, but most importantly, giving me my full life back, for which I am exceptionally grateful. I cannot recommend them enough. ★★★★★ Very caring and efficient service. Highly recommend them. ★★★★★ I have found the Levitas Clinic to be exceptional for over 5 years. Recently my parents and brother also have been using it and my baby is a member. They are unique and life changers. ★★★★★ Great service. As always ★★★★★ I have been a member of the clinic for 1 year now. The service and help is outstanding. It is very easy to get an appointment and enquirers by email are quickly answered. All the doctors and staff are very friendly and helpful. I have also done the Nomad diet and got help by Dr Kapoor for a chronic very painful condition. The changes have been life changing and I am so much better now. The support during this journey has been so great and Dr Kapoor has just been a phone call away.This is a 5 star clinic and I can only give them the highest recommendations. Thank You. ★★★★★ Lovely experience with the doctor today as always, this is a great practice and we are members, would highly recommend! ★★★★★ The best investment I've ever made in my healthcare has been to join Levitas (formerly known as the Mews Practise). I'm not joking when I say they have transformed my health and been an absolute lifesaver for my family - even during the pandemic years when most medical centres wouldn't even see patients face to face. This is how healthcare should be. I'd trust Dr Kapoor and Dr Scott with my life - literally! I have no hesitation in recommending them and the entire team to anyone who's wondering if it's worth taking the step of trusting them with your healthcare, I assure you - it is. ★★★★★ Incredible and welcoming service from the whole team, would definitely visit again and recommend to others! ★★★★★ My family have been using the Levitas Clinic for years. Dr Kapoor and his team are amazing. ★★★★★ ★★★★★ Fantastic, highly recommend! ★★★★★ Everyone is so welcoming and warm every time I go in, I would highly recommend. ★★★★★ The piece of mind granted by knowing that’s the team at Levitas is always there is priceless… ★★★★★ I could not wish for better attention or treatment, and the staff are exceptional. ★★★★★ The team here are always helpful and the doctors are excellent. Highly recommended. ★★★★★ I've been a member of this practice for over 5 years and never regretted it. 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They don't just treat symptoms; they look at the whole picture, ensuring that you leave feeling better not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.A special mention must be made of Seema, whose lovely demeanour is a highlight of the Levitas experience. She embodies the clinic's ethos of compassionate care, making each patient feel valued and heard. Her approach is not just professional but also deeply empathetic, making each visit a truly comforting experience.Lastly, the little things matter too. The waiting area is a calm oasis (with a fish tank to rival the Maldives), and the coffee is always fresh, ensuring that the short wait is as pleasant as the treatment. It's rare to find a place that makes medical visits something to look forward to, but Levitas Clinic does just that.In summary, if you're seeking medical care that goes above and beyond, Levitas Clinic is the place to go. Their combination of professional expertise, genuine care, and a comfortable environment makes every visit a positively memorable one. ★★★★★ Super care, attentive and available when you need. ★★★★★ ★★★★★ I cannot recommend the team at the Levitas clinic highly enough; their skill and friendly professionalism is first class. They care and it shows. ★★★★★ I have been a patient at the Levitas clinics from the early days and cannot fault their warm and welcome professionalism and their holistic approach. They all treat me as an individual and nothing seems to be too much trouble. I see them for everything medically related now. The BHRT (bioidentical hormones) treatment regime has been miraculous for my general well-being and has taken the edge off the more unwelcome aspects of the menopause for me and I am extremely pleased to be able to have a routine tailored to my body rather than a one style suits all treatment. Friends of a certain age (this includes male too) who have also had it are similarly delighted and we all get chase ups from them for regular follow ups and ongoing treatment appraisal and adjustments. My friends comment on how good I look, hence them wanting to give it a go; my hairdresser of nearly 30 years has said my thinning hair has improved and my beautician of 15+ years still tells me I have a lovely skin tone!I have also had success with the sound vibration treatment on arthritic joint pain.I am happy I found them and, although its a drive for me, I have always had a good choice of parking spaces - another big plus. ★★★★★ All the staff always go above and beyond with their care and time. I feel they have got to know us as a family and provide all round care for us with incredible understanding and guidance. We are very grateful for them! ★★★★★ Excellent experience with all the doctors here. They take as much time with you and don’t mind going through multiple concerns and problems in one appointment. Very thoughtful and professional too. ★★★★★ I recently underwent a medical treatment, and I am pleased to share my positive experience. The healthcare professionals were exceptionally knowledgeable and attentive, ensuring I felt comfortable throughout the process. The facility was well-maintained, and the staff demonstrated a high level of professionalism and compassion. I appreciate the personalized care I received, making the entire treatment journey smoother. Overall, it was a reassuring and effective medical experience that exceeded my expectations. ★★★★★ ★★★★★ Staff are always so friendly and helpful. Thank you for being so caring and gentle towards my little one and to me a very sleep deprived/worried mum. ★★★★★ Perfect appointment, diagnosis and meds all within 15 mins. Brilliant ★★★★★ Visited Levitas recently for a GP appointment. The staff and Ash were absolutely brilliant and so helpful.I’d recommend Levitas to anyone and will definitely be using them again. Thank you. ★★★★★ Easy access and very accomodating. Very friendly and warm staff. Pleasant and clean environment. ★★★★★ What a lovely Caring Team you all are.Really informative & Explained everything very well..Put us immediately at ease. Thank you ★★★★★ Thank you to these amazing doctors that I’m well today and after years of deteriorating health problems where I spent time searching for diagnosis and being told “it was mental health or Chronic fatigue “…at last I finally got diagnosed with chronic Lymes disease and inflammation..I owe them my life ! I could hardly walk upstairs without being breathless. I had given up all hope until I finally found the clinic for me .All the doctors are top of their field and the staff are so welcoming , compassionate and kind.The team went way beyond their job discriptions.. The clinic is immaculate and nothing is ever too much. I am forever grateful to you all,Plus , thank you to the Management with their trust and time into finding my plobmems and given me back good health.Thank you AK & SKSuzi Walker xx ★★★★★ Booked in for a hydrafacial here and SJ was very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend! ★★★★★ ★★★★★ All staff are fabulous . Everyone goes over and above always . ★★★★★ Highly professional, accessible and caring group. When I presented with worrying chest pains the response and support I received was exemplary. Thank you to all at Levitas. ★★★★★ Professional accessible and friendly! my family, and I feel very lucky to be able to be members of this amazing clinic! Thoroughly recommend five stars! Doctor appointments available on the day!! ★★★★★ Thanks a lot to the Levitas team for managing to fit me in at the weekend for an emergency appointment, really grateful to all! ★★★★★ Great practise! The team have really looked after me! They get to the root cause rather than ply me with unnecessary drugs. ★★★★★ Great patient care and focus on prevention ★★★★★ Incredibly helpful staff. The PLT team could not have done more for me. They were so helpful and answered all my questions with such detail and confidence. Could not recommend this place more ★★★★★ Great service, great staff, the receptionists are simply lovely! ★★★★★ My family have been members for 3 years at the Levitas Guildford clinic and the care we receive is fantastic.They go out of their way to tailor their care to the needs of their patients and take into account any additional needs they may have. On many occasions they have gone above and beyond with their care especially for my daughter. We would actually be lost without them! We are so grateful for everything they do and would highly recommend them to others.All of the staff are warm and welcoming and we want to say an extra thank you in particular to Dr Kapoor, Seema, Dr Scott, Dr Graham, Victoria and Amy, your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed ⭐️ ★★★★★ I received incredible service from the whole team. They answered all of my questions promptly and in enough depth to make me feel confident in trusting them. I could not have been made to feel more welcome. ★★★★★ Visited Levitas recently for a GP appointment and the staff and doctors were absolutely fabulous and so helpful.I’d recommend Levitas to anyone and will definitely be using them again! 🙂 ★★★★★ I’ve been to the Levitas Clinic a few times and the staff have always been very welcoming and friendly. Recently I had a filling replaced, which I was quite nervous about as I’ve had some bad experiences at other dentist clinics where pain relief didn’t work properly. Thankfully, the whole experience was painless and I had nothing to worry about - the dental staff at this clinic are amazing! ★★★★★ I went to get my teeth cleaned with Idalina - the dental hygienist at Levitas clinic. She was super friendly, but best of all she did the best job with my teeth with no discomfort at all. I don’t think my teeth have been cleaned so well ever. I also booked the airflow treatment which I highly recommend, all stains gone and they are definitely brighter than before. It’s great having such clean teeth! ★★★★★ Very positive experience at Levitas. I was seen the day after and everything was very quick and efficient. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly toojs_loader