Hannah Elliott


Hannah is a Psychosexual Therapist specialising in Sexual Wellbeing for Women, with an extensive background in Psycho-Somatic Therapy (the relationship between the Mind-Body connection).

Her areas of special interest include Holistic Pelvic Health which aims to address difficulties such as pain, tension and reoccurring symptoms (emotional and physical) that might be hindering optimal sexual function and intimate connection. Hannah also works closely with women through pregnancy challenges, particularly with regards to pre/post termination, miscarriage and conception.

Hannah offers a multifaceted approach which allows her to address the emotional, mental and physical aspects of an individual rather than a single point of focus. Her beliefs are built upon the understanding that our emotional energy is not separate from our physical presentation and therefore there is no relationship of greater importance than that between you and your physical body.

Hannah uses a range of styles to help explore your history and understand the presenting issues in your own unique relationship with yourself, before anything else. Sessions are designed to teach you how to best support and empower yourself within your sexual expression, and sexual experiences, throughout all stages of womanhood. Sessions will allow you to explore a sense of embodiment: having more awareness in the body for you to regulate your own health and wellbeing.

Committed to helping patients return to their innate wisdom and to listen without judgment, Hannah provides a supportive and safe space to meet in person. She understands the internalised pressures and experiences often encountered through intimacy and sexuality, therefore aiming to work with these conflicts as healing opportunities in order to help resolve and release any stuck emotions where, prolonged over time, can start to manifest in the physical.

Hannah is a registered member with the college of Sex & Relationship Therapy (COSRT), the National College of Psychotherapists (NCP) and the Complementary Medical Association (CMA).

Further studies include DIP in Somatic Trauma Therapy with NAOS, Master NLP and coach certification and Energy Psychology as an advanced practitioner of Energetic Formulations with Rose Nur, one of London’s most in-demand Energy Healers.