Dr Elizabeth Almas


Dr Almas completed her medical degree in Ireland before returning home to England to do her foundation training.

Over the past 6 years she has developed a passion for functional medicine; which delves deep into establishing the root cause of symptoms and disease in order to truly understand and fix our problems rather than simply masking there symptoms.

This interest led her to becoming a Certified Practitioner of Functional Medicine with the renowned Institute for Functional Medicine in the United States.

In time, she has focused much of her work into Fertility; helping couples and individuals who are trying to conceive, or awaiting IVF, by optimising their minerals, hormones, diets and toxic exposures whilst also understanding their genetic dispositions through laboratory testing.

Similarly, she has helped girls and women who suffer with painful periods, endometriosis, PMS and PCOS normalise their cycles and symptoms.

As an advanced practitioner in Immune dysregulation, she delves deep into gut health to establish cause and cure for chronic inflammation, infections and autoimmune disorders.

When not working she thinks she enjoys doing everything, except eating oyster mushrooms.