Dr Caitlin Scott


Dr Caitlin Scott is a medical doctor with a passion for women’s health and functional medicine from Cape Town, South Africa. After graduating from The University of Cape Town she gained over four year’s experience in hospital and private general practice there. This is where her passion for women’s health developed. Her experience as a doctor and a mother of two has been invaluable in understanding the demands on women and their need for good health. Since moving to the UK and working at The Iron Clinic and Levitas Clinic Guildford, she has established a wealth of experience in intravenous iron therapy, vitamin infusions and hormone therapy to patients of all ages.

She has grown her experience of women’s health promotion through running courses to help new mums navigate their own physical, emotional and social transition into motherhood. The program includes recovering physically from pregnancy and child birth, post natal depression, understanding your changed relationship with your partner and coping with returning to work. Through this experience she has since co-authored a book called Holding Mama to increase access to this support to new mothers. Her interest in women’s health spans all age groups and she hopes to extend her health promotion through to include understanding your menstrual cycle and menopause.

Dr Caitlin Scott recently completed a certificate in Functional Medicine that views health as a balance of the physical and psychological influences on the body. She works with a focus on preventing illness through health optimisation using nutritional as well as functional medicine. She has a number of years of experience with intravenous iron and vitamin infusions to treat nutritional deficiencies as well as body identical hormone therapy to treat PMS, PCOS and peri-menopausal symptoms. She is also participating in a number of research projects looking into the symptoms of anaemia and iron deficiency.
When she is not working she has spent many hours on the netball court or reading a good book with a warm cup of coffee.